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Equipping private markets with ESG data, resources, and insights.

The mission of ESG Impact is to democratize ESG for private markets.

We provide accessible and pragmatic frameworks for companies and funds to assess and address ESG metrics most material to their operations. We believe that business ethics should not be transactional or cost a fortune. We understand that 'greenwashing' is the result of pushing ESG too far, using the complexity and myriad of frameworks as a means for confusion instead of a call for unified core metrics.

At ESG Impact, we conclude that the business entity should prudently consider their natural activities to encompass both profit and impact. However, these are not tradeoffs, as both measure a certain amount of 'value' given to business activities. Profit is the more explicit and quantifiable option, while impact is innately more wide-ranging and difficult to quantify. Therefore, ESG Impact was founded: to help companies in their measurements and meanings of impact.

Our Solutions

Helping private markets address ESG practices to unlock greater opportunities for investments, talent, and longevity.

Impact Rating - Examine internal and external operations through a business ethics lens.

Materiality Assessment - Reflect the outcome of an organization's ESG impact on its stakeholders.

M&A Deliverables - Download auto-generated reports to communicate externally with stakeholders or investors.

Recommended Projects - Manage recommended projects based on the impact ratings results to help make impactful next steps.

Certification Program - Apply for our ESGi Ethics Certification after completing our rating and assessment process.

Community - Connect with impact focused investors and companies through our mapping and communication tools.

Meet the Team

Adam Jace

Vanderbilt M.S. Finance


Max Mona

Vanderbilt M.S. Finance


Carter Steffes

University of Maryland MFin

Growth Intern

Logan Hine

Harvard University

Growth Intern

Chris Ma

Microsoft Corporation

Lead Developer


Dr. Mark Cohen

Vanderbilt Professor

ESG Advisor

Linda J. Isaacson

Asia Capital Real Estate ("ACRE")

Private Markets Advisory Committee

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